Hello! My name is Aaron Luna

I'm a freelance developer living in Reno, NV.

I created this blog because one of the best ways to sharpen your knowledge of a subject is to teach it to someone. Whenever I begin working with a new technology or programming language and I encounter an issue where the solution is unintuitive or especially difficult to understand, I write a blog post about it. Forcing yourself to document a process exposes gaps in your knowledge, which must be filled in order to fully explain the process to the reader.

Recently, I decided to create tutorials for subjects that require more detail than a single blog post. The first tutorial is a multi-part, in-depth guide to creating an API with Flask that uses JSON Web Tokens for authentication. There are six parts available today, which covers the implementation of all required API endpoints. This is still a work in progress, and additional parts are planned dealing with improving the project via test coverage, type annotations, security and CI/CD solutions.